Are we all weird?!

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Are you weird?

The Niche Agent  We Are All WeirdToday’s post is a bit different than my typical blog post where I share tips and ideas on how to grow your real estate business. I recently listened to an audio book by one of my favourite marketers, Seth Godin, called “We Are All Weird – The Myth Of Mass And The End Of Compliance”

The core of the book wasn’t anything new to me, as I’m a big believer in niches (as you’d imagine) already. But it really struck home as to WHY niches are becoming a bigger and bigger thing and why the “norm” isn’t so normal any more. Seth really goes deep into why we are changing and how the last hundred years have beenan anomaly in terms of the real world.

The premise?… People aren’t the same. We don’t all come from one mold. The last hundred years, marketers and businesses have tried to force everyone into buying the same things, do the same things and thinking the same things. But human nature is smarter than that. We humans have a funny knack of doing what we want. Once the internet was at our finger tips, it changed everything.

There are no longer “the masses”. There are now tribes of people who don’t fit that normal mass and we are quite happy about it. The old school businesses and marketing companies are not…

I’m not going to give you the coles notes of the recording, because I think its worth spending the time yourself and listening to.

Let me know what you think about it? What are your thoughts? Do you agree? What makes YOU weird?


To you and your niche,

Ryan Smith – The Niche Agent

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