So how did The Niche Agent all start?!


My name is Ryan Smith and I am the creator of The Niche Agent!The Niche Agent - Ryan Smith

People often ask what is The Niche Agent’s story all about…?!

Well, after doing training for real estate agents for a number of years, there was one specific question that kept coming up over and over again…


“Niche marketing?!… I’m supposed to limit my real estate business and expect to get more?”


The Niche Agent Marketing StoryTo be honest, at first I wasn’t sure what to say exactly. I took it upon myself to get to the root of the question. It was then that I quickly realized that there was little information on the topic available and even less support for agents who were trying to find out about focusing on a  in real estate. Not only that, there wasn’t a clear path on how to choose a niche or how to master it once they chose one.
That is when I decided to create the  Podcast and Blog (and the e-book).  Because I knew what it was like to not have access to the right information and support. So I decided I needed to arm agents with valuable resources and give them the RIGHT tools and confidence to tackle their own niche head on and feel comfortable doing it.


Once I had my mind made up, I set out to find as many different niche ideas as I could. I booted up computer and hopped onto the World Wide Web. The search results were alarming yet insightful at the same time. I quickly realized there wasn’t much out there for agents other than a bunch of “fluff” from so called “experts” and other agents touting the same 5-10 niche ideas around on the occasional one-off blog posts.



It’s no wonder I continued to get the question about how to find a good niche market to pursue!!!


Whats our story

This limited pool of blog articles and reports just repeated the same, overdone, fluffy ideas. There were no real takeaways or practical tips and absolutely nothing that was in-depth enough to write home about. To be honest, it was mostly just crap regurgitated. This is when I realized there was a real void in our industry and I knew I had an opportunity to provide some really valuable information and insight. I knew I could make a difference.


I began to devour every article, video, book, website and training I could on the topic of “Niche marketing”  and every niche idea out there. I researched and studied everything I could get my hands on. I looked within our industry, outside our industry and into any source on the topic. The obsession took hold of my life! I began to brainstorm, collect ideas and work on ways you could apply these all of these concepts to our awesome real estate industry. The fire was lit and my passion arose. I feverishly worked night after night, week after week and month after month, collecting as much data and insider information as I could.


As a result, I created a list of some possible niches within our industry and continued to add to it. I looked to agents who were doing it, have done it, or could be doing it! One after another, after another, the list grew. I boiled down that initial list and came up with some of the most common and practical niches out there and assembled this list for you. I wanted to give you an idea of what opportunities were out there for your real estate business if you just thought a little outside-the-box and changed the way you saw your business. (Keep in mind; this is only a small fraction of markets available.) 
This list was created to give you inspiration and give you a resource to come back to when you decide to take your real estate business to the next level and begin the niche process. You can download a FREE copy of the “101 Real Estate Niche Markets” ebook.


So what’s next?

The premise of this blog and podcast is to share the valuable insights I have learned. I also wanted to have other amazing and successful agents share their insights that they have learned from mastering their niche. I want to share best practices, insider information and to help give you the confidence to take your own niche to the next level. Be sure to check the weekly podcast here:


Well there you have it, a bit of insight about The Niche Agent and what its all about. I am looking forward to getting to know you and of the community here and to help share the Niche love!


To you and your niche,


Ryan Smith – The Niche Agent


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