Squeeze WHAT?!?

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Oh…. Squeeze Pages!

squeeze page for real estateOk, so it’s probably not what you think, but I’m sure if you are looking for some squeezing in another way, there are probably other blogs out there.

What I’m talking about is squeeze pages. “Squeeze what?” you might be asking? If you aren’t familiar, let me explain. In the world of online marketing, one of the most effective ways of getting people to leave you their information is the use of squeeze pages. A squeeze page in its simplest form is a single page that offers the visitor information or something of value in exchange for their information. In essence, its “squeezes” them to leave their information so they can get something in return.
Real Estate Squeeze Pages with Chuck CharltonI’m sure you have all heard that the money is made in your database. In the online world, the contacts you get registering will be the ones building your database. Agents like Chuck Charlton, have figured this out and have learned to master the art of list building online. (If you would like to get some great insight into what Chuck and his team is working on, check out our previous interview with Chuck on our episode 4 at www.TheNicheAgent.com/episode4 for some great tips.

So back to squeeze pages… Having ANY information is better than none, but having the RIGHT information is invaluable. Top marketers spend copious amounts of time and money learning to master these skills, but in the end, it’s worth it. They produce lists of highly targeted subscribers which feed their business.


When it comes to online lead generation, building that highly targeted subscriber list is one of the most profitable things you can do. If done correctly you can almost bank on your sales when you know your numbers.
squeeze page for real estateSo what is the best way to get people to sign up? That is the $64,000 question. The most important aspect of a squeeze page is offering something valuable enough that the consumer will be willing to leave their information. I always explain it like this… If I went out to eat and the waitress said to go home and type in a code from my receipt and get entered into a draw for a CHANCE to a $50 gift card, I’m probably not going to do it. But if the waitress said to leave my business card and I will instantly receive a $5 off coupon for my next purchase, I’m definitely going to consider giving away my information. Why? Because the value of what they are offering outweighs the risk of giving my information.


So what does a squeeze page look like? In its basic form, a squeeze page is a simple page with a headline, some text (the copy) that presents the offer and maybe a photo or a video explaining the benefits and then a sign up form. It’s generally not overly complicated in appearance, but when done correctly can be wildly successful.


Real estate squeeze pageA squeeze page is not a full blown website; it’s not JUST a registration; it’s a single point where consumers are asked to take action. Its purpose is to generate leads for your real estate business. If you study enough about online marketing, you will quickly find that the most effective squeeze pages get the message across quickly and with minimal content to achieve this. The more crap you put on it and try to over sell it, the less likely you will be to get someone to sign up.


The headline is one of the most critical parts of the equation. If you can’t catch their attention with the headline, it won’t matter how great the offer is if they never read it. The headline should be compelling enough to get them to WANT to read the body of the page. There is plenty about copy writing to learn, and I will save the more detailed information for other posts. But just know, that the headline must connect with your clients and connect with the body and compel them on an emotional level for it to be most effective. (I’m sure if you are reading this, the headline probably got your attention and made you want to read more haha)


In real estate, depending on the right copy and offer, you can be getting a 5-20% sign up rate on your site. With some simple tweaks you can create incredible changes to your registration rates just by knowing what to change. That’s the exciting part about learning the metrics of conversion with online marketing.


It has been proven that when you are willing to trade something valuable in exchange for their information, that you can definitely increase your opt-in (sign ups) for your site.  So start working on your offer and get that squeeze page set up, your database will love you, and so will your wallet!


To you and your niche,


Ryan Smith – The Niche Agent



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