Excuse me, do I need your permission?

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How do you define it? Webster’s Dictionary says that permission is defined as “The right or ability to do something that is given by someone who has the power to decide if it will be allowed or permitted”.

The Niche Agent Permission Marketing

When it comes to dominating your niche, permission is the key to massive success. It shouldn’t be an optional thing, it should be the key to your marketing. Just stop for a second and imagine yourself as a consumer.


Salesman The Niche Agent“Sales Person A” decides he is going to call you at random times, send you unwanted junk mail on a continual basis, sign you up for his e-newsletter because he thinks you would probably like it and he figures since you haven’t replied to anything he’s sent in the last year he should double his efforts next year to make sure you reply.

Permission The Niche Agent“Sales Person B” on the other hand is smart. She connected with you in a mom’s networking group. The two of you chatted about mutual interests, you felt a connection and when she asked if you would be interested in getting information on a monthly basis about cost saving ideas and some fun activities, you happily obliged. “Sales Person B” has been sending you useful things that you actually WANT to receive and has been helpful over the last year after gaining your permission to send you valuable information.


So if you were the consumer, would you prefer to work with “Sales Person A” or “Sales Person B”?  Wait, did I really just ask that? We all know you would pick B! (Or at least most would…) This shows the simplicity of permission marketing at its core. People want to work with people that they know, like and trust. And one of the easiest ways to do this is to get permission to stay in front of them.


If you haven’t yet, I strongly suggest reading Seth Godin’s book Permission Marketing. It is an amazing insight into the importance of building that trust and gaining their permission. If you do any type of direct marketing, farming, internet marketing or client follow up marketing (basically most real estate marketing) I think you need to take a look at how you are doing marketing and look into building more permission marketing into your business.


Permission eBookWith that being said, if you haven’t done so, head over to the site and get your copy of the free e-book I created “101 Real Estate Niche Markets”. I’m asking you for permission to stay in contact and in return you get an awesome e-book! And I’m giving you permission to grow your niche! Sounds fair right? www.TheNicheAgent.com/e-book



To you and your niche,


Ryan Smith – The Niche Agent


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