Niche Networking 101

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Networking The Niche AgentWhat is your real estate network? Do you have one? It’s important to realize that your network is not the same thing as your product or service. I know that sounds silly and obvious, but your REAL business is your network, not your services. Finding the next client is important, but the network of people you are building is even more important.


So let’s look at it again, do you have a network? Are you focusing on building your network? If you don’t, I’d suggest you start. It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to take time and some focus to grow your niche network but it’s worth it.


So how do you do it? Sometimes it’s more obvious than you think, but let’s discuss some idea’s that can help you increase your network.


1)      Make a lasting impression

Database Niche AgentHave you ever been to a party or an event and met someone that just really stuck out in your mind? They probably left a really lasting impression right? When you go to networking events, meet new people or are just having conversations, it’s important that you leave a lasting impression.  The mistake many agents make is they talk all about themselves. While that may leave a lasting impression, it may not be the impression you want. Don’t get known as the jabber. Make sure you listen, ask questions and engage. It needs to be a balanced conversation. I know, this sounds silly to mention, but some agents love to talk. But so do others! So let them engage and share.


2)      Make your voice known

By getting out to groups/meetings regularly, people will come to recognize you and if you engage correctly, you will get to be known as the as the go to person in your niche. A perfect example of this is the interview we did with Asif Khan (Episode 13). In this episode, you can see how Asif has truly made a name for himself in the community and build up a reputation as the real estate expert (without being pushy and promoting himself).


Real Estate networkMake it part of your business plan to get out there. Schedule it in, don’t just do it when you feel like it. Make it a plan to meet one new person a week. That shouldn’t be hard! If you do that that is 52 people a year you will be adding to your database. Or get more aggressive, and add one person a day during the week. That’s 250 people a year in your database. What would your business look like if you had an extra 250 people in it by next year?


So don’t wait, start getting out there and build your network. Your pocketbook and your business will thank you for it!


To you and your niche,

Ryan Smith – The Niche Agent


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