How Soon Is Too Soon To Niche?

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The Niche Agent

This question was brought up to me by a real estate friend of mine. We chatted for a bit about it. He’s relatively new to the business and said he had a niche in mind. And of course… I told him to “go for it!” That is when the hesitation started to creep up. At first he wasn’t sure if it was the right niche for him he said. I assured him it was a good market to go after. Then he said he was too new in the business and didn’t think it was a smart move to focus too narrow this early in his business and he wanted to wait and get more experience.  He wanted to test the waters before he jumped into a niche. The way I see it, he is in the absolute best time! This is his chance to define his business and own it.


I find many agents are waiting for that perfect moment for the stars to align and a sign from heaven to appear telling them that they should start focusing on a niche. The best time is now… I’m not saying you should blindly jump in and just haphazardly choose a niche and go after it. There should be time and energy spent to research and develop a game plan. But that shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your niche in this moment.


Find Your Real Estate NicheAs a new agent, you have a chance to really carve out your business an own it. If you have a certain set of skills, experience, passion, business connections, unique offer etc, I say use it in your business and make it part of your plan. You don’t have to give up all of your other opportunities for business outside of your niche while you grow, but you still should be working on your niche as soon as you can.


For agents who are new to the business (under a year or so) it can be a scary time. There is a lot to learn and a lot of mistakes can be made, but what better time to take those risks. Most of the new agents who will be successful in this business haven’t had the wind taken out of their sail yet, they haven’t gotten the bad habits many of us have developed over the years, they are willing to learn and try things out of their comfort zone (they got into this business, they must have stepped out of their comfort zone haha), they are usually eager and driven and they want to be successful. This, to me, is the prime time for someone to start building their niche and incorporating into their business plan.


What do you think? How soon is too soon to start focusing on a niche? I’d love to hear your feedback and or experiences….



To you and your niche,

Ryan Smith – The Niche Agent


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