Family, Yorkstyle, Relationships, Lifestyle…?!?

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 What do these words have in common?! Passion!


Hosing a panel on niches with such passionate professionals.

This week I’m sharing another great panel of niche professionals. Listen in as these awesome agents share their “one thing” and what that means to them and their business. 

I got the chance to lead another panel at ReBar Camp West End. This panel included some very passionate and engaged agents that you see here today.

We had Bruce Johnson who shares his story about his family and how that’s led him to find a true passion and calling and how he’s rolled that into an amazing career and a way to give back.

 Vivien Sharon shares her love for Yorkville and how she’s built a thriving business based around her community and her passion and love for it.

All things social media, Jennifer Evelyn talks about her niche of turning online relationships into offline relationships and how to further that into business. 

And then finally Christine Mitchell explains that luxury homes are more than just price point, its about lifestyle. She’s found a way to tap into a lifestyle she loves and has had tremendous success with it.

As you can see, each of these agents have had diverse backgrounds and experiences, but there is one thing in common… Their passion for what they do. 

Let us know what you think about this episode and what you have learned from these top shelf agents!

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