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Mark Chyz and I discuss how you can use local marketing to get big results.

The Niche Agent Local MarketingThis week I interview Mark Chyz of CM2 Media (one of The Niche Agent’s partners) and we discuss the importance of using localized marketing strategies for your real estate niche. 

We delve into usable on-line marketing strategies that agents can apply to their business. With so many take aways from this episode, some of the important topics we cover are: the future of on-line marketing, mobile marketing strategies and SEO best practices for your niches.

Another strategy we discuss is guerilla marketing and we give you some practical tips that will help you actually reach your audience.

If you are looking to ramp up your on-line and localized marketing game, then this is an episode for you. Be sure to check out what Mark is up to with his company CM2 Media and reach out to him for your localized marketing needs.

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About Our Guest

The Niche Agent Local Marketing

Mark Chyz is the president and owner of CM2 Media. They are a service based agency that will help your business get noticed! They specialize in web design, graphic design and video production.

At Cm2 Media they believe your business should be measured by how well it performs.  Every client is unique. Every client has their own history, circumstance and ambition. Every client deserves attention to the details that lead to a successful future.

Passion, inspiration, creativity & expertise drive the production of their work. CM2 Media strives to create original & outstanding design across a wide range of print and digital media. Brand/logo design, advertising, brochures, websites, illustration, trade-show displays, PPT and Flash presentations, business cards & stationery are some examples of the diverse range of work they produce.


Don’t forget to check out CM2 Media and like the Facebook page as well:


 Or call Mark directly at 519-981-3090


To you and your niche,  

Ryan Smith – The Niche Agent 



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