The Niche Agent – With Guest 20th Century Castles (Episode 15)

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Missile Bases?!? Not the type of castles you think of…

No, I’m serious… They sell Missile Bases!

Missile Base Niche

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This week I interview the most interesting guests we have had on the show so far. They take their niche to the next level. It just so happens that that next level is underground in re-purposed military missile bases. I chat with Edward Peden and Leigh Ann Fulkerson about their love and passion: Missile Bases. We go deep (no pun intended) with the topic of their niche and talk about the ins and outs of how they not only mastered their niche, but also carved it out and created it!

The Niche Agent Missile Bases

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If you have ever worried that  you will lose business by focusing on your niche, this episode will dispel that myth. Find out how Edward Peden took the business from an unknown niche to completely dominating it. And then listen in as Leigh Ann talks about the next evolution of 20th Century Castles and the future of their niche. No matter what area of real estate you are in, you need to listen to this episode. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Read more about Edward and Leigh Ann and how you can find out what they are up to below the video.

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Missile Bases The Niche AgentEdward Peden and wife, Dianna Ricke-Peden, live in an Atlas E site near Topeka, Kansas. Over the last 20 years, they have lovingly transforming a structure designed for war and destruction into a warm and inviting home, they call “Subterra Castle.” Because of the outpouring of interest from the media and other people who desired to purchase similar properties, in 1995 they formed their company, naming it “20th Century Castles, LLC” as a way of saying that missile bases are the 20th Century’s version of European castles. Ed is an historian, former public school teacher, and a self-admitted “workaholic.” He has personally been into more than 70 different sites in varying degrees of repair. Through the Peden’s efforts, they have led 20th Century Castles into a unique position as the nations foremost experts on Cold War era underground structures, buying and selling more than 55 properties nationwide, virtually creating and dominating a niche market.   Missile Bases The Niche Agent

Leigh Ann Fulkerson and husband, Matthew Fulkerson, have been working as Consultants for 20th Century Castles, LLC since 2010. As mutual friends of the Peden’s they met at Ed & Dianna’s missile base home, fell in love and got married there, and have lived and participated in the community at Subterra. Since 2010, they have brought on 6 missile base sites, responded to countless customer inquiries and currently have sites under contract. Leigh Ann’s background in sales includes retail, B2B, referral marketing, and entrepreneurial endeavors. She also has experience in higher education program management, administration, and student recruiting; project management and is involved with community emergency response. In addition to shelter, her other interests involve food security, food production, preparation and preservation; renewable energy; and technologies that support self-reliant lifestyles. They hope to continue to build upon the solid foundation built by the Peden’s.  

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And check out what Leigh Ann and her husband are up to with Plan B Consulting at


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