Why Cast A Smaller Net?

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I’m sure you have all heard the infamous saying “Jack of all trades and a master of none”? I’m not sure what makes real estate agents think they are sheltered from this age old wisdom. I am forever seeing agents doing this that and the next thing forever in search of the magic pill. The truth is the magic pill is FOCUS!  How can you master your game when your attention is spread out on 23 different marketing campaigns, lead generation ideas and the next big thing…


The problem is we live in an “instant society” and we want what we want and we want it now. This is extremely true with real estate professionals. They want a website built tomorrow, leads coming in tomorrow night and a contract written in 3 days.  The world doesn’t work that way, despite what we all may be hoping.  We think because we can open up business quickly that our business is going to be instant. So not true!

Now, there is better solution to this but it takes work (Yes… The four letter word…WORK).  And that work can be sped up quite quickly when you focus on one target market and master it. Since we live in this instant society, it tends to rub off into our real estate business. We want instant results, so we do marketing that we think will get us instant results. And that is where the major flaw is in our industry.


I’m going to share with you a very simple and effective piece of advice I got early in my career.

Pick 2-3 ways to generate business and master them. Its important to cast a smaller net, you will catch more fish

A lot of people get scared when they hear this; they think they are going to miss out on some opportunity by only choosing a select number of ways to get your business. But the only real way to mastery is repetition. You can’t master 17 different lead gen sources!

So start by casting a big net in a small pond, don’t cast a little net in a big pond!  I promise you, if you master one or two sources of business it will be like shooting fish in a barrel.  But just note that it will take some time and you may not get instant results, but that’s not what we are looking for. You are obviously here reading this because you want to master your real estate business, so take the time your business deserves and own it!


Ryan Smith – The Niche Agent

“Your Niche Is Our Niche”



(P.S. Sorry for all the metaphors… But I had to get the point across haha)

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